Permanent-electro-magnetic Clamping System


Permanent Electro Magnetic Clamping System
Permanent electro magnetic clamping system is mainly designed to improve the traditional injection molding machine with disadvantages of long clamping time, complex operations and low safety. This system adopts electric-control permanent-magnet disk as solid plate and flexible plate, so that clamping and change of mold can be available through simple magnetizing and demagnetizing within three minutes. It can be installed in new injection molding machine as the standard part for final customer, or reconstruct the injection molding machine in use?
The permanent electro magnetic clamping system has the following advantages?

I. Simple installation, Injection molding machine doesn’t need any change when installation process. .
High safety efficiency:  Strong magnetic force, keep magnetic when power outage. Magnetic force will not disappear or decline under the influences of time and temperature.  
III. Rapid mold-change system can
greatly improve mold-change efficiency and reduce mold-change time.
IV. The thickness of the special disk is about 5-6cm, which occupies small space and will not affect mold opening space of the injection molding machine;
Convenient operation: Any non-professional personnel can operate expertly after training for about 1 minute.

Product Origin: China
Model Number: SS
Brand Name: NC

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