Die Spotting Machine


Die Spotting Machine
1. Base adopts welding structure and make deformation degree lower after heat treatment.
2. Upper and lower platen workbenches and guide rails all adopt nodular cast iron, with advantages of good planeness, high precision and small deformation.
3. Disk type adopts permanent-electro magnetic chuck, with advantages of keeping magnetic when power outage?using without power supply?magnetic force in strong? both safety and power saving
4. Safety facilities are complete.
5. Hydraulic system adopts vibration-absorption devices, can reduce hydraulic impact and ensure equipment precision.
6. Hydraulic system is equipped with low-pressure protection devices and prevents damages caused by collision and insertion.
7. The system can adopt impact produced by high-speed compound mold and make red lead excellent effects 
Parameter table of vertical die spotting machine
Product Origin: China
Model Number: NC
Brand Name: NC

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